Bien que nous n'existions officiellement que depuis 10 mois depuis le lancement de notre produit en mai 2018, nous nous sommes donné pour mission de nous impliquer dans notre communauté et de prêter main-forte aux moins fortunés de cette ville et de soutenir des causes dignes, mais pour éduquer également les gens sur les avantages des aliments à base de plantes.

Nous croyons que c'est un élément important pour être une entreprise responsable et prospère, pour atteindre les personnes et les organisations qui ont besoin d'aide et de soutien, nous ferons toujours de notre mieux. Faites-nous savoir comment nous pouvons vous aider à l'avenir.

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Montreal Greek Film Festival 

We proudly support the arts in our community and beyond, 

nurturing creative minds, young and old is necessary for our development and the way we express ourselves.

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Homelessness does not 

discriminate, from young teens to the elderly. We are very proud to help with the River's Edge street

Charity Initiative to help feed the homeless in this city.

 Rivers Edge Street Charity

 program for the homeless

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Uniting Greeks from around the world with a common goal - to help Greece overcome its worst economic depression ever experienced through fundraisers around the globe.

The Hellenic Initiative -Montreal

Shield of Athena - Family services

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Maison Ogilvy Charity

Event for Mental Illness

We were proud sponsors of the Maison Ogilvy event for mental illness. A lovely evening benefitting this serious yet relatively unknown disease. 


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Big Brothers & Big Sisters of West Island

This organization does some

wonderful work with children.

What if every child finished high school, went to college or university, got a job and gave back to our community? Wouldn't that be something? Ways to volunteer 

There is no more important investment we can make than in helping our nation's children realize and share their full potential. Ways to donate


Shield of Athena - Family services

The Shield of Athena is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the victims of family violence. A great organization that offers emergency shelter and professional services to women and their children. Their

support, intervention and prevention services are culturally and linguistically adapted to meet the needs of many of Montreal's major ethnocultural communities.